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What is Wealthy


Is arrested

As I’m tested

Outside a cubicle

A small square

With monotonous drone

As we roam

Back and forth

Some on the verge of a luxurious pipe dream

But for me

It’s means to survive

And contrive

The life

That I dream to obtain

No need to gain

Situational power

Or pockets of gold

Just want to support my kin

And propose good nature

And live

A simple, content

Life lived

Not spent

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And shivers

Soft kisses

And quivers


A break in a new dawn

What was

Is now gone

Seeing the future

Through a blurred light


Walking forward



She says it’s all changing so fast

This is nothing like the past

Will we have a blast?

What if we don’t know what to do?

Man, this is all so new

We have to stay true

Can we maintain our youth?

Will we find the truth?

How do we know what to do?

I sit real quiet and patiently think

Everything did change

All in a blink

New jobs, new place, new marriage, new race

And I don’t know the finale

I don’t know what’s next

I just continue forward

And hold her near my breast

Soothing her slyly

With my heart beats

I don’t have the answer

But we’re both still taking the leap

The moments we have had

In between

Well, at least they are memorable

Even if the mountains ahead are steep

Thank You

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That kiss


A hit

To the heart

My beat

Pounds and flails

My composure

Falls apart

That touch

That tingle

That warmth

As we mingle

The glow upon your chest

That neck that I kiss best

Those breasts

And your body

Cast in motion

Dancing with mine

A commotion

The devotion

The love


Not gloating


Just what it is

And I wonder

Under covers

How can anything be better

Than this