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The wind flows

Softly against the trees

The leaves blow

Harder in the breeze

The sunlight glows

Enhancing the natural affairs

The grass is highlighted

Leaving the colors bare

The air is thick

With wooden fires and the season’s care

The trees they sway

Rocking in motion with the change

The change of seasons

It’s so always rich and rare


That kiss


A hit

To the heart

My beat

Pounds and flails

My composure

Falls apart

That touch

That tingle

That warmth

As we mingle

The glow upon your chest

That neck that I kiss best

Those breasts

And your body

Cast in motion

Dancing with mine

A commotion

The devotion

The love


Not gloating


Just what it is

And I wonder

Under covers

How can anything be better

Than this

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