In Step

This book was originally written in the early 2000’s, when “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was still in place. At that time, it was difficult to see any change in laws like these, and it was hard for some to go about with their career choices due to the barrier on their private relationships. I wrote this book to show how the acceptance in the liberal world was different than the acceptance in the conservative world. I felt that the topic needed to have a voice and having a first-hand perspective in situations like these, I thought that it would be better to put a personality and voice to the people that had to deal with issues like this. Though the inspiration of this book was through my experiences, nothing in the book itself is based on a true story.



Running Its Course

Running Its Course was originally one of the first books that I had written. I wrote this book when I was eighteen, and it has small reflections of my young self and how I viewed the world at that time. I chose to publish it due to the fact that I think that it shows a lot of growth in my writing, and it also mirrors some of the experiences that I had that made me the writer that I am today. Though, I wouldn’t mark this as my best work, I think it is important to contribute it to my collection. I hope you take the time to read it. Maybe, it will remind you of your own self-growth.