It is incredible

Those that are without

They don’t understand

How you can be in one place

And then in another

So fast

The pain

It sinks

Into your skin

The memories

They know

How to get in

The thoughts of the past

Are like a wild dream

The thoughts come fast

And stream like cable TV

The feelings are real

Even though it’s now and not then

The shakes and the chills

Who are my friends

The memories so clear

Where is the end

But no one can hear

The pain in your head




A dance

A stance

A moment

In sync

You think

If you think too hard

That you’ll ruin it

A touch

So deep

Your heart

Can’t keep

Up with the emotions that silently

Come through

So real

So intimate

So amazingly real

It’s not all about the physical

The mental and emotional

Play a part

But with all three

You feel beautiful

Like a rare piece of art



A strip of events

And hence

Promoting things that are possible

But things a person still cannot comprehend

For some if not many

Need proof to see

The possibility of achieving dreams

Confirmation is difficult for them that find

If not seen by their own eyes

It is hard to comprehend the idea of being wrong

But if seen through it is easier to understand

Contradiction speaks of this

Because what is one losing by being wrong

It is just a defense mechanism

Of a person afraid to fail

Because if being wrong is such a fear

Then why not take the chance by hoping one is right

The end result is always one or the other

The failure can be taken in stride

And yet a human is so afraid to go against his or her own pride


The white specks

Blankening the trees

The houses

The scenery

The ground

A true testiment of the cold and bitter to some

A new slate to others

Wiping away the thoughts of before

Covering it slowly

Like an eraser

Starting a new beginning

Not dwelling on that which has happened

But on the future to come