Deep green eyes

Deeper than thought

Or words

Deeper than the frightening thoughts

That haunt and distain

And stain

My fragility

My past can not lie

But I still feel the pain

Of everything behind

Imagery is the plague

That mind hasn’t overcame

And I need to tame

The fears of other people’s skeptical behavior

And the conditioned past that I lived in

And those green eyes

Soothe the soul

Make me whole

And the love that I feel in the very touch

Means so much

Acceptance where I couldn’t claim it


And I know I’m messed up

Still haven’t resolved

To stand up to the voices that tell me who I am

And I can

Try to move forward

But I need your hand

The memories that plague me

And thoughts

To move forward without any confirmation

And deal with the situation

Just holding your hand

Gives me the will to stand


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