Chapter One


Kai groaned as she plopped out off bed and wiped the sleep from her eyes. The redundant sound of her alarm clock echoed throughout the room, and the faint break of silence was irritating. She switched off the noisy machine and slipped into some shorts and the first T-shirt that she could find. It was the first day of the new school year, which meant one thing…she better have her coffee.

Kai had taken the position at East High two years ago with no intent to make it permanent. It was the only other school that she had taught at besides the one that she did her practicum and student teaching observation at. It was a pretty decent job, and at the time, she was getting herself on her feet and trying to introduce herself to a more comfortable lifestyle than she had been used to growing up.

Kai had chosen teaching, because she felt that she would be able to teach students not only the knowledge needed in life but actual life skills. She had grown up on a street where too many people lost their common sense in their teens and some their lives. She wanted to help prevent that from happening to future generations and wanted the students to see their full potential.

Kai walked into the empty kitchen and started to make some coffee. Her house was silent, which sometimes made her feel more lonely, but with her busy schedule, she didn’t spend much time in there anyways. Kai flicked on the television to the morning news. It was somewhat entertaining to see what was going on in the world around her though she didn’t care much for politics and would believe in the weather man once she saw the Easter bunny.

Out of the corner of the kitchen, another ring erupted, this time the phone. “Hello,” Kai answered, wondering who would be calling this early.

“Hey, Kai,” she heard a familiar voice reply. She would recognize Sam’s voice anywhere. “Do you have the news on?”

“Yeah,” Kai said, waiting for the punch line.

“One of the kids at school got abducted last night,” Sam stated.


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