The Memories Untold

the cracks in my mind

were created a long time ago

in a life that almost seems faint and unreal

and the surreal bit of me that goes into the new life I see

wonders if one can almost play so many parts in so many years

I hear the echos of the past

but the memories are hard to recognize

sometimes, it seems my dreams give me clues

I know my jerk reactions when I’m surprised

show that something happened too

and the way it is hard

for someone to touch me

even in a polite or civilized way

It takes time for me to get used to

the fact that not everyone is trying to take me away

for selfish reasons or in vain

I’ve had gentle experiences

that show the difference

but it is very difficult to comprehend

my instant reactions

to some of the factions

make me question my haunting’s end

but there is light in the tunnel

and I pray often if not everyday

and the woman by my side

when I lay on her chest

it seems like it almost goes away


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