Slow Love

I said “Hey, miss, can I steal a kiss. I may not be rich, but I’ll be generous.”

She smiled, real shy, but I couldn’t tell why.

Her resistance to attraction would just be a lie.

I tried to move forward.

She started to lean in.

She was real nervous, but you could tell she wouldn’t let it win.

I put my arms around her and squeezed her tight.

She laid on my muscular chest, the shaking subsided.

Though she was older, this woman was pure.

She was not one to play around. She didn’t even know she could be queer.

It didn’t really matter, because what we shared was unique.

I leaned in towards her and kissed her cheek.

I knew we didn’t have to be fast.

There was nothing wrong with slowing the pace,

because when you’re really in love, it isn’t really a race.

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