Lines Without

A small drop of poetry….a large drop of perspective… And a splash of personality… My short poetry book is available on Amazon.


The Edge of the Storm

Memories fade

To the day

Like a breeze in

A quiet way

Bondage break

While stress tries to

Keep you in its ways

Obey the faith

That gets you through

But now not one

There’s now two

Confused and trying to walk in step

The path is long

The tears already wept

To see the storm behind your back

And know that you have it all intact

The wind will blow

A gentle breeze

Just try to move forward

With a gracious ease


Fast paced


No time to think

Cuz in a blink

Things change


The letters on the board

To make a new day

A different way

Something new to say

And talk about


Is only in existence

For so long

A new song

A new feel

Wearing different hats

During each repeal


Each of the old ways

Emotions are so strong these days

That is seems hard to comprehend new ways

But we try to get through



Rearrange what you knew

No que

The que is as if on track

Lost track

But lacks the knowledge

To tell the plan

No fan to cool off the emotion

Throughout the commotion

Instant devotion

To something known

But now well known

Don’t own the space

In this place

Where everything changes

And rearranges

No shape to form

It isn’t the norm

To sit and not soar

In the calm before the storm

To sit but not stop

The relevance will top

The ending result

May put you at halt

Somewhat unknown

Nothing can own

The lessons that are sewn

When you allow a new place to become home


Thoughts drop like anthems

Or theme songs

Always trying to beat one down

To the ground

When they are already drowning

Without a life preserver

Trying to preserve

Who I am

While fighting the conflicts

That think they can


And address

And make me miss my step

In a wreck

Of swarming clouds

Surrounding my mind

Pulling me behind

When I have a chance to get ahead

Its always the good things that provoke

It’s almost as if I’m trying to revoke

The chance to have good

Just don’t understand

How anyone would

Be strong enough to stay

And I love her for that

Because I’m not trying to walk away